Construction Project Management Consultancy

AdvantEdge provides comprehensive construction management consulting services that provide the best results for your project. Our experts possess decades of engineering and construction experience and apply this knowledge to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, and architects face throughout the construction process. Depending on your specific project needs and requirements, AdvantEdge provides the following construction consulting services

AdvantEdge Project Estimation and Costing

Project Estimation & Costing

  • Quantity Estimation and Rate Analysis
  • Cost Estimation and Budget Preparation
  • Tender Review & Analysis
  • Change Management
  • Performance Management
  • Implementation of Estimation and Cost Control Procedures and System
AdvantEdge Quantity survey & Billing

Quantity survey & Billing

  • Specification of Items
  • Bills of Quantity (BOQ)
  • Change Management Tracking
  • Certification
  • Implementing of Quantity Surveying Procedures
AdvantEdge Project Planning & Scheduling

Project Planning & Scheduling

  • Master Planning
  • Financial Planning & Cash flow forecasts
  • Resource Planning & Management
  • Progress Reporting
  • Planning Revision
  • Extension of time revision & delay events analysis
  • Project Integration Management
Contract Management

Contract Management

  • Tender Conditions
  • Tender Document Preparation
  • Contracts Management in Progress
  • Change Management Tracking
  • Claims and Counter Claims
  • Dispute Resolution and Arbitration
  • Sub-contracts Management
  • Contracts Closeout
Construction Management

Construction Management

  • Management of Project activities in Pre-tendering stage
  • Management of Project activities in Execution stage
  • Implementation of Construction management processes from inception to completion
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Implementation of QA/QC System on Site from Inception to Completion
Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

  • Quality Control of Construction Activities
  • In-situ QA/QC
  • Specification Review
  • Deliverables Review / Preparation
  • QA on Design Drawings and Technical details
  • Document Control and Documentation Procedures
  • Technical support for Procurement
Construction Management

Valuation Of Immovable Properties

We are Approved Valuers in the Category of Valuation of Immovable Properties. Valuations of Immovable properties may be for Fair Market Price, Property Partitions, Mortgages, etc.. We undertake Valuations of Residential and Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Non-agricultural Plots / Land, following highest professional ethics and conduct.